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Since a week I was working on the integration between Alfresco and BIMServer’s 3D viewer. And now I’ve got finally something to show :).

We already have the basic integration ready as you can see here.


The goal with this next-step integration is that you won’t be redirected to another BIMSurfer page or any other 3D viewer page to view the model. This makes the integration between BIMServer and Alfresco seamless. (…..)

So the 3D viewer integration is almost ready, so what next?

  • Show types & property information within this Alfresco page.
  • See linked documents to objects, like having a safety certificate of a lift linked to the lift or the maintenance schedule.
  • Start IFC Model related workflows on objects or the whole model. This is a must for reviewing models between actors(architect, construction engineer & constructor).

By doing this, the IFC Model will still be centrally placed, but can use the full power of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform.

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